Mods & CC

Below you’ll find a list of the resources and sites I use to procure nifty mods and custom content to help my story along.  Some of the stuff has been used or has appeared already, and other stuff will appear later.  I’ll try to put it all here so the creators get their due credit.


Mod the Sims

My Sims 3 Blog

Garden of Shadows

The Simmers Club

NRaas Industries



Cmomoney’s Pose Player




Delphy’s Installer Monkey

Rothchild’s No Mosaic Mod

Shimrod’s No More Martial Arts Clothing Mod

Twallan’s Mods: (the link is to the mods page on NRaas Industries, and I list the mods I use of his below)

  • The Animator
  • The Master Controller
  • The Overwatch
  • The StoryProgression
  • The Woohooer

Sims_Reality’s OPHs, OE, OR

Orangemittens’s OSMP

Buzzler’s Vanishing Scripts


Jonha’s Body Sliders


Newone08’s Dirty, Bloody, Bruised Hands

Oepu’s Shorter Bob for Male and Female

234jiao’s Asian Skins

Missy Harries’s Face Overlay for Lips

Tamo’s Ultra-Plain Eyes and Tricolor Contacts and Face Overlay (to fix eye whites)

TummyZa’s Hairy Non-Default Replacement + Peggy (Hairy Version)


Mmiller48’s Set of 6 Sports Bras

LadyFrontbum’s Open Shirt for Males



One Billion Pixels’s Clutter Condoms



Oh My Sims

  • Adult Poses
  • Blue Poses
  • Fence Poses
  • Sweet Summer Poses

Wsimman’s Blog

  • Adult Couple Pose 001
  • Action Poses 001 & oo2

Spladoum’s Poses

I use a lot of Spladoum’s poses–it’s worth it to look Spladoum up on My Sims 3 blog or on Mod the Sims, to see other pose packs, because I’m almost certain I use more than just these two packs…

SIMul8rReviews’s Poses

Traelia’s Poses

Collin2’s Poses

Rusty Nail’s Poses

Lovers poses (I use several, but this link will get you to the poses page)

MyPalSim’s Poses

Couples poses (I use several different sets, but this will get you to the poses page)

Morphead’s Dance Dance Poses

Maximum’s Love Me Tender Poses

Alicexin Sofa Poses

Milenchica’s Somebody’s Out Poses

Akuiyumi’s 450 Followers Gift Poses

I can’t find the pages for some of my poses, but if you notice that I’ve used a pose that isn’t credited here and you know who created it, please let me know! Thanks!

9 thoughts on “Mods & CC

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    • Hi! I really LOVE these stories. Um, i was wondering, how you actually use the Sims_Reality’s OPHs, OE, OR and the Orangemittens’s OSMP. They confuse me…Mainly because i can’t actually use the vanishing script either. Sorry to be all 20 question and stuff…=)

      • E: Well…without the vanishing script, it is a bit difficult to use them–not impossible, depending on how you stage the shots and what objects you’re placing on top of them. There are lots of troubleshooting tips all over MTS, so you might be able to get them to work–I know that I recently had to update all of that stuff for Late Night. I use them to place things at angles that aren’t normally allowed by the game (usually on surfaces like counters or tables) and to place things on surfaces that aren’t usually allowed (like objects scattered across the top of a bed). I also use the OPHs to place Sims on, using the moveobjects cheat. You can get different poses that way, by having the Sim do a particular interaction and pausing it, then putting them on an OPH and moving them onto a piece of furniture, etc.. With the OPHs plus invisible furniture, it makes it a lot easier to do things like create the illusion that a Sim is sitting on a countertop or even that they are talking inside a car. I find these to be some of the most useful hacks out there, and lots of Simmers are doing amazing things with posing for TS3 with these.

      • thanks for ur help! sorry for all my questions (im sure they’ll get annoying soon);), but do u have one of those subscribe or bookmark features on ur website? cuz i totally want to add this to my list of fave ts3 story blogs!

      • Simsareawesome: No worries–you aren’t annoying at all. I believe I have a subscribe feature, because I know some people have subscribed to my blog. I think if you look on the left side, options for subscribing are on the menu at the bottom of the menu list.

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