Story update

Hello my patient, lovely readers.

I know it has been a while since I last posted.  I promise you that there are really good reasons for that. I have been through rather a lot of pretty awful life turmoil of late, and it has taken a predictable toll on my ability to write this series.  I am posting this vague explanation merely to let you know that I have every intention of continuing this story–I just do not know exactly when the next chapter will be out.

Thank you for your continued patience.  I hope to release the next chapter soon.

Chapter 8. History Lesson


Loooooong chapter. Long.


Illness Sucks

Hello Gentle Readers! I greet you from a mountain of Kleenex and with bleary eyes, a reddened nose, and chapped lips. I am not well.  I am in dire need of rest this weekend, which unfortunately means that I will not be working on the next chapter.  Even had I been able to work on the next chapter this weekend, I doubt I would have been able to finish it–there are so many things I must do for it, you see.  Given this crummy situation, I thought I would issue a peace offering: a few hints at what the next chapter will bring.

The next chapter required the building of two sets, both of which are complete.  One is a courthouse office, and the next is a sort of …. drawing room or formal living room.

You will be introduced to one completely new character, and three characters of whom you’ve heard, but never met before.    All characters have been created and costumed, and initial pictures for the chapter have begun (though I do need to tweak the clothing of one).

There will be flashbacks–these required the creation of several copies of some of those new characters.

The next chapter is super important for the overall storyline, and I am doing my best to tread carefully, lest I muck up the timeline. I’m really excited about it (which is why I’m even writing this much about it, without actually producing the blasted thing).  In any case, I hope this will at least assure you that I am working on the chapter, and that I am alive (though not particularly well at the moment).

Chapter 7. Advice


WARNING: Adult language and sexual content.


Chapter 6. Danielle Harper

Chapter 5. Two Wrongs

Chapter 4. Taking Stock


WARNING: Strong language.


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