Other Projects

Here is where I’ll list some of my other Sim projects (mostly failures. Yeah.).

Plymouth Falls

  • My neighborhood/prosperity Simming blog. It’s all just for the fun of slowly growing a community, and the only challenge is really just keeping it going and indulging the desires and compulsions of the Simmies while guiding them ever so gently toward their goals and throwing in stuff to shake things up a bit.

The Ophelia Oftpreg Experiments

  • My second failed WYD Challenge. I discontinued it out of boredom and exasperation with glitches. Once you read the introduction page, just click on the tab for the Table of Contents to get started!

The Education of Miss Prudence Breedgood

  • My failed WYD Challenge.  Damn life fruit!

The Vine Legacy

  • My discontinued legacy attempt.  The file was so glitchy after 4 or 5 generations that I couldn’t take it anymore.  I gave up.  It was hosted through Sims 3 Legacy Blogs, and that site is apparently down or something…I can’t get to it anymore.

5 thoughts on “Other Projects

  1. I would really love to read any other of your stories, but let me know where i can find them.

    Thank you so much, you are a wonderful writer.

    • Jalode: Aww, thanks! My TS3 legacy was hosted by Sims 3 Legacy Stories, but that site apparently went kaput a while ago….

      I need to update this page to include my “Who’s Your Daddy?” Challenge… My other projects are usually challenges that I blog–I don’t have the energy to write two full-on Sim stories at once, so I just write stories around regular gameplay while attempting a challenge. I’ll put a link to it here right now.

  2. Do you know what happened to “WYD?: Atozee Cosmo’s Diary”? I just went to look for an update and it says that the author deleted the blog. That was another one of my favorite stories!

    • Jules: You know, that’s very strange….I just looked at the thread on Boolprop and it only says in the title that the blog was deleted, but there are no explanations anywhere….everywhere that she lists it just says that it is deleted, but it doesn’t give any explanation of why. I hope she is okay!

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