Chapter 10. The Meeting Place






“And then you knocked him unconscious?” the officer eyed me as she asked the question.


She flashed a small smile at me. The smile said Good.

“I see. Do you know why this man tried to attack you?”

“My guess is that he’s an asshole?” I smiled. I knew better than to tell her that he’d been sent by the mayor to intimidate or kill me.


“I’m surprised that he would attempt a break-in at a home with a German Shepherd.” She said, nodding toward Victor. “That tells me that he was highly motivated to either get something in your home, or to get you.”

“Maybe he thinks I have files on him or something to do with one of our cases. We make a lot of enemies.” I said. She knew I worked with Nick—it was skirting as close to the truth as I could safely go, without endangering her. I had the sense that she hadn’t been in the force long, and her questions made it unlikely she was corrupt—she was asking the right questions, instead of trying to close things up in a hurry. Unless she was asking because she was working for the mayor, and wanted to know what I knew.

“Well, if you think of anything, give us a call—this is my extension.” She said, handing me a piece of paper. Nick waited until she was out the door.


“What did you do, Ed?” Nick said.

“I may have attended a fundraiser with Armand, and while there, talked to Donald Price. I guess he got jumpy.”

“Shit. Ed, what the hell? Come on. You know better than to pull stupid stunts like that.”

“I just….Nick, it’s looking more and more like he could have been the reason. Like he’s why Scott disappeared. I had to see…had to talk to him to see what he did when I mentioned his name. What he said. It feels like we’re so close to answers.”


“If you’re right, then do you really think that your intuition about the way his face looks when you say ‘Scott Prescott’ is going to give you anything you can use? Now he knows that we’re looking right at him, and he’s trying to kill you.”

“I’m sorry. I’m really sorry.”

Nick frowned at me for several moments before saying, “Your place or mine?”


“Are you and Victor coming over to my place to stay, or am I staying here, with you two?”


I almost said that wasn’t necessary, but I knew that was just my pride. I’d successfully defended myself against one attack, but there was no guarantee I would be as lucky the next time. I was trying not to show it, but the attack had rattled me. “Mine tonight. Thanks.”





When I woke up the next morning, I found three men in my kitchen, drinking coffee.

“Morning!” Kevin said.

“Hey! What are you two doing here?”

“We heard about your trouble last night, and decided to keep you company for a while, when you are at home. We’re taking shifts, beginning tonight.” Julio said.

“We got you, Ed.” Kevin said.


I couldn’t help myself. I grinned at them.

“I kinda love you guys. Who wants pancakes?”



Jennifer and Logan were visiting, and I was glad to take advantage of the distraction they provided. Logan and Mom were playing with a train set that Dad had just bought, and Jennifer and I were watching them from the sofa. I gave her the latest information about the investigation into Scott’s disappearance.

“After all these years, finally it feels like some progress is being made.” She said.

“Not fast enough, for me.” I said.


“I know. But some progress is better than no progress. I’ve been thinking about him a lot lately. Especially about the day we were supposed to meet. I thought about going to the spot, today. I don’t want to take Logan, but I also don’t want to go alone.”

“You know I’ll go with you.” I said.

“Really? You wouldn’t mind?” Jennifer said.

“Not at all. We can go whenever you are ready.”


Jennifer drove us to a place just near the edge of Sunset Valley. We had to park and walk quite a while to get to a stretch of beach that was hidden from every other beach I’d visited in my time here.

“I had no idea this place existed.” I laughed.

“It felt like our own private beach—I mean, we would find beer bottles and stuff from time to time, so we knew other people were in on the secret, but we never saw anyone else out here.”


I smiled, and watched the waving grass, caught in the breeze off the ocean.

“This beach has changed a lot since I was last here.” Jennifer said. She hadn’t been there since the day she was supposed to meet Scott.

“Yeah, we’ve had several hurricanes, and even without that, the way beach sands can shift….I don’t know if the county is re-sanding it or anything.”


I was moving around the edge of a cluster of rocks when I saw it.

The beach had changed, and over time, sands shift. Sometimes, the sand gives up secrets.


I trembled, and stumbled back, running toward Jennifer.

“Ed? Ed, what is wrong?”

“I—I found–I think it is a body—the bones.”


“What? What?” Jennifer started to cry, immediately, because her mind had leapt to the same place mine had. That could be my brother back there. That could be the father of her son.


She sank down, sitting on the sand, and I fell to my hands and knees. I felt so sick. I stayed there, like that, for several minutes, waiting to see if I would throw up. I never did.

At some point, we recovered ourselves enough to call the police, and I called Nick.


I waited for Nick, and Jennifer walked away from the site, circling and pacing away from the rocks.


The police arrived first, and they brought in a team to collect evidence. Nick arrived soon after the detective that was sent by the police department. The detective questioned me, then Jennifer.

“Ed, you don’t know it is him.” Nick said.

“It might be.”

“What did the detective say about a timeline for identification?”


“He said it would be at least two weeks. They have to send the samples off to the state lab. Our lab doesn’t have the capability to do DNA matching.”

Nick frowned, then said, “Once the detective is finished talking to Jennifer, I’ll go with you both to your parents to tell them.”


Telling my parents had been more draining than I’d anticipated. I dropped onto the sofa when I got home, and I didn’t get up for a while. Nick was going in and out of the house, taking care of Victor, and going outside to make calls. I guess he didn’t want to disturb me.

“Why don’t you go rest in your bedroom? I’ll get dinner.” He said.


I did as he suggested, and after dinner, I went back to my bedroom and did it again. Nick came in and wrapped an arm around me.

“Don’t assume it is him.” Nick said.

I just–you know, I thought about it for years. What it might be like, to get the notice that he’d been found, and….not alive. And I thought I’d be prepared for it, because I had thought about the possibility so much. I was wrong. Completely wrong.”

Nick just ran his hand up and down my arm for a while, and I finally fell asleep.

The next morning, it was raining when I woke up. I took a shower, but it didn’t do much good for my face. I had the bags under my eyes again.


I walked out of my bedroom, and saw Nick reading the paper in the living room.

“Hey—have you been home yet? You don’t have to stay with me during the day. Besides, isn’t it Julio or Kevin’s turn? You’ve been here the past two nights.”

“My relief should arrive any minute now.” Nick said.

“I still think daytime watch is overkill.” I said.

“Mmhmm.” Nick said.

There was a knock at the door just as I was about to get a cup.

“Wow, you weren’t kidding when you said they’d be here any minute.” I said, and opened the door.


It wasn’t who I expected.




Authorial Interjection: Well folks, there it is.  Sean is back!  I told you he’d be back, and I know many of you wanted him back sooner.  Hopefully, it was worth the wait.  

25 thoughts on “Chapter 10. The Meeting Place

  1. OMG!!!!! Oh shit! On so many levels, lol! Wow, this was one hell of a chapter! I need more! Stat, lady! 😀

    I hope the bones don’t belong to Scott–it could be that other guy who went missing! And I hope Sean has some pretty magnificent explaining to do. I can’t wait to see what Ed’s reaction is to him finally showing up again! I am also wondering if Nick’s phone calls had anything to do with Sean finally showing up. Nick is so sweet.

    • Laura: Bahahahaaa! I have been waiting SO long to write this chapter. Originally, in my outline that I wrote a looooong time ago, he wasn’t coming back until after this chapter. But I was thinking about it, and I said, “Why not tack his first appearance on, for fun?” It was lots of fun. I think I’m always going to be that writer who goes for the cheap thrill of the twist–I just can’t help myself. 🙂 Things are moving really fast in this story, now, because we are closing in on the end. The next chapter will feature Ed’s reaction to Sean’s return, and depending on how long that takes, probably some other plot stuff.

      Nick is definitely sweet. 🙂

      Thank you so much for reading and commenting!

    • Violincat: Yes, he is back! I’m really excited–it was hard to leave him out for so long. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

    • Kiri: LOL, I’m really excited to have Sean back, too. I’m so glad you’ve been reading (I really can’t wait until I get to a point at which I can go back to reading other people’s) stories).

  2. ohhhh my god I did not expect him to come back so soon! askljdf man I’m so excited 😀 Poor Ed, though. I still think that hoping her brother’s alive is too hopeful, but finding your brother’s bones on a beach isn’t exactly nicer. I doubt it is him, though. myyyy godddd Seannnn

    • Natty: You might be the only one who will think that he is back soon, lol. 🙂 Ed is definitely going through a lot of emotions right now, and Sean coming back in the middle of it can be both a blessing and a curse, probably. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  3. *freaks out while screaming with delight*

    Haha! Okay, first I was horrified because of the body but I think (hope) that it isn’t Scott and is just planted there. I do think it’s connected to the mystery. Second, SEAN IS FINALLY BACK. He basically had like one picture but ahhhhhhhh. Okay, so I’m excited, Ed might not be too thrilled.

    Thanks for updating! Great chapter!

    • Claire: It was so nice to have him in something other than a cover picture. It was really funny that it started to rain right before I was set to take the picture. I thought, “wow, this is like a movie or something”. Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

  4. This story just keeps getting better and better! I am excited for the end of the story and not at the same time, it will be bitter sweet. I am going to go back through and re-read it from start to finish at some point though. Thank you for keeping up with this story, I feel like Ed has been a character in my life for a long time, I guess she has. Great chapter!

    • Amyjobee: I know what you mean–I’m excited to see it to the end, but at the same time, I’m going to be sad to see it end. It’s a project that has been years and years in the making. I think it will open up new things for me to do with it, though–and I really am tired of being tied down to TS3 for the “illustrations”, because all my mods make the game so laggy and difficult to load.

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment!

  5. OMG. OMG. OMG. the entire time I was reading this chapter I kept thinking about Sean. I was saying I’m going to ask her about Sean. And like magic he shows up. But as I’m thinking about Sean in thinking about how he hasn’t been there for Edith for the most important moments in her life. When I first started reading this series I wanted it to be Edith and Nick. But then Edith got win Sean and I was like okay I can get behind this. Now I really want for Edith and Sean to work but I feel like he nails on her because of his insecurities he didn’t have enough faith in them. Ugh so mad with Sean but I want him and Edith together. Why do you put me through these emotions so early in the morning and on my way to work. Lol
    Forgive any typos writing through my iPhone.

    • Jalode: LOL–sorry I put you through so many emotions (but not really). 🙂 I’m so glad you care enough about the characters for it to really matter what happens in the story. I think that is what I try to shoot for. I am excited for the coming chapters, and I hope I can keep the momentum going. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  6. Eek! I love the chapter! The story is definitely moving along! I actually had the thought at the beginning of the chapter that Sean should come back. He needs to be there to help protect Ed! I briefly thought he was going to be one of the men in the kitchen lol. I have a sinking feeling that the bones are Scott’s. I really hope I’m wrong. :-/ At any rate, having Sean back will give Ed something else to think about! 😉

    • Jules: That would have been an interesting thing, to make him one of the men in the kitchen that morning. It honestly didn’t occur to me, and I think it is because Sean isn’t worried about Ed being able to take care of herself physically. He knows that she has lots of help there, and he has confidence in her. But I think he feels like she would most need him for an emotional blow like the one she faces now, if those bones are Scott’s bones. Thank you for reading and commenting!

  7. OH MY GOD! Sean! He has some serious explaining…and sucking up to do! I definitely was not expecting to see Sean show up right now.

    And a body! What a horrible thing for Ed to find and have to sit around wondering (or even assuming) if it’s her brother. 😦 Still, if it was, it would be some kind of closure for her and her family, at the very least.

    I don’t remember Julio and Kevin. Where do we know them from again?

    Argh, I’m already excited for your next chapter!

    • Carla: It is fun to see how many readers did not expect him to show up at this point in the story–it makes me wonder how long they thought I’d let him stay away (or if they are underestimating how close we are to the end).

      Finding the body was pretty traumatic for Ed and Jennifer, and given the realities of DNA labs, it will be a bit of time before they receive final word on whether it is Scott. It would offer some closure.

      Julio and Kevin are two of Armand’s bodyguards, and they were introduced in Chapter 7 ( They took shifts with Nick and Ed to watch Danielle Harper’s house, and gave Ed romantic advice. 🙂

      Thank you for reading and commenting!

  8. well this is going to be interesting! what with nick being at Ed’s house when he sowed up and all…
    thank you rachel for finally bringing Sean back! I will forever be a team Sean+Ed person.
    Since you ended this chapter on a slight cliff hanger, would it be unreasonable of me to ask when the next chapter might be out? Patiently waiting for the post – but dying to know what will happen next 🙂
    LOVE your work as always xxx 🙂

    • That Endurance Rider: I am happy that Sean is back–it was hard to keep him out of the story as long as I did. Sorry I didn’t reply to your comment before. My daughter was ill, and then of course I caught it and got the worst of it. I am still recovering. I have the pictures for the first part of the next chapter already taken, edited, and ready to go. I need to finish writing the chapter, and I’ll need to do a bit of set-building as well, then take the pictures, etc.. If the stars align, I might be able to get the pictures done this weekend, but I’m honestly not sure–it wouldn’t surprise me if I had to do it over two weekends. But unless something really bad happens, I should be able to get the next chapter out before the end of October, for sure. 🙂 Thank you for reading and commenting!

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