Chapter 16. Plans


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Chapter 15. Disappeared


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Chapter 14. Back to Erica

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I can’t believe how long it has been since I last posted. I stayed so busy, and even when I had a moment or two to breathe, I just couldn’t work on this story. It is like I was mentally exhausted, with my mind filled with so many things from my daily life. So many to-do lists and phone alarms so I wouldn’t forget stuff for the kids, for me. All of that noise in my head–I couldn’t make myself boot up the game and start taking the pictures. I don’t know why. But it has been in my head now for a while, and I really want to finish this story. Finally, the nagging feeling that I need to get this story out has overpowered the busy-ness of my life. I finally did something about it tonight. I took the pictures. Now I just have to set them to words, and I’ll have the next post. I just received a comment today from a reader, hoping I would come back soon–and I couldn’t believe it, because I had planned all day to devote time to taking the pictures tonight. It took ages–the system takes forever to boot up, but I stuck it out. Before, I would have thrown my hands up in irritation and said it was taking too long; telling myself that I don’t have the time to do it. But tonight, I just sat through it and played on my phone while waiting for long loading screens. I am still a little shocked that I got the pictures. But they are there, waiting to be edited for size and for the words.

I’m coming back, gentle, and most patient readers. I’m sorry I have been away so long. I am so excited.


Hello gentle, patient, lovely, wonderful readers. I am trying to get back to this story. There have been a few obstacles. My usual excuses are still in full force, plus a few additional ones. For instance, this happened:


Yeah. It was early days before, so I didn’t want to announce it here, and now I’m five months along. Whew.  The nausea and fatigue were pretty bad earlier, and now the fatigue still lingers. When I do have a bit of energy, I tend to devote it to the stuff that absolutely has to get done, and that means there is a bit less time for hobbies. Especially ones that involve super slow computers and software that works only a portion of the time. That brings me to the second issue…..

The hubby upgraded our desktop to Windows 10, and as expected, the game didn’t magically load. It doesn’t load at all. I have to do a complete reinstall and hope that works to get the game back. I have been reading forum posts from others who have been similarly afflicted, and I have a few ideas about how to get it going again. I’m a little worried about my prospects of getting some of my mods to work–so I may have to work with an almost vanilla version (shudder). I’m going to begin working on that today–but even if I get it to work today, odds are I couldn’t play for pictures until next weekend. In any case, I wanted to let everyone know that I am alive, I haven’t forgotten that I have a story I need to finish, and that I am trying to get it going again! Sorry!

Chapter 13. Reunion

Chapter 12. In the Box